Dräger FPS® 7000
The FPS 7000 can be used in various different applications including fire and rescue. This particular full face mask from Drager Safety is a size medium with a silicone mask body and adaption system. It also has a ‘P’ connection (plug-in connector).

This FPS mask also has a polycarbonate visor. The visor has been designed to provide you with a wide, distortion-free field of vision, which is protected from misting up due to a great air circulation system.

Connect your Drager full face mask to other accessories including the HPS 6200 helmet and the FPS-COM range of communication products. The FPS 7000 comes with special connections to allow these accessories to be connected.


  • Ergonomic 5-point head harness
  • Comfortable head harness has large surface area at back of the head
  • Great fit to the face due to a double sealing line on the mask
  • Easily maintainable with a large catalogue of spare parts available
  • Silicone mask body is hypoallergenic and flexible