Drager Paslite
This Drager PAS Lite compressed air breathing apparatus kit contains an airline with automatic switch valve, a whistle warning unit and an integrated lung demand valve.


This PAS Lite set from Drager Safety includes an integrated airline with an automatic switch over device and an integrated lung demand valve. The full kit requires the Drager Panorama Nova (R52972) full facemask and a cylinder, which are not included. The image above is for illustration purposes only.

This kit is ideal for industrial applications and has been designed alongside some of the pneumatics used in professional fire fighting equipment. It’s extremely easy to use and requires little training.

The Drager PAS Lite has been specially designed for comfort. The light space-frame and carrying system design means any weight carried by the set is easily distributed across the shoulders. The hosing, pressure reducer and whistle warning unit are all housed within the frame.


  • Rubber coated material used in the frame and harness is chemical resistant
  • Secondary supply connections are available for use in rescue,
  • econtamination or airline applications
  • Light frame helps with back strain
  • Harness can be attached to the space-frame by a single-piece retention method
  • Can be used alongside Bodyguard II or with PAS airline equipment