Fabric against electricalk arc

  • Produced from flame retardant fiber.
  • When washed continuesly, it does not change its size or lose its flame retardant capasity.,
  • Protection against molten metal splashes, heat and flames. (EN ISO 11612 A1+A2 B1 C1 E3 F1)
  • Protection against welding splashes. (EN ISO 11611 Class 2 A1+A2)
  • Anti-static. (EN 1149-5)
  • Protection against thermal effects of 4 kA electrical arc.

EN ISO 11612 A1+A2 B1 C1 E3 F1
EN ISO 11611 Class 2 A1+A2
EN 61482-1-2 Class 1 (4kA)
EN 1149-3