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Draeger Accuro Tube

Drager PIR 7200 fixed gas detector is a gas detector with a durable, poison resistant IR sensor for the continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide.

The IR sensor has a long service life, fail-safe operation and offers a high reliability with rapid response times and long term stability.


  • Efficient, Stable & Robust – The PIR 7200 has short response times and a high signal stability offering a high degree of safety using extremely light efficient optics with a 4-beam signal stabilising system. This additionally provides a low sensitivity to dust, dirt deposits or insects on the optical surfaces in the measuring curvette whilst offering a drift-free output signal and longer maintenance intervals. Due to it’s non-imaging constructions, the measuring beam is not affected by a partial beam block preventing false alarms.
  • Configurable Response Mode – User can choose between normal or high speed response. Using the high speed option and setting the lowest feasible alarm threshold, the Drager PIR 7200 can detect leakages at the earliest stages.
  • Multiple Configuration Capabilities – The PIR 7200 is fully flexible for each individual customers applications, allowing for adjusted measuring ranges, configurable special signals such as fault, beam block warning or maintenance and adjustable LEL values.

Drager PIR 7200 fixed gas detector splash guard, junction box and process cuvette


  • Linearised response characteristics for carbon dioxide
  • Multiple mounting and configuration capabilities (signals acc. to NAMUR NE 43)
  • Precise and stable measurement
  • Fastest response of less than 1 second
  • Beam block warning in case of dirty optics for preventive maintenance
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Extended temperature range of up to + 77 °C / + 170 °F
  • Double-compensating, non-imaging optics (using 4-beam technology)
  • Single cable multidrop capability using HART® communication
  • Conventional 4-to-20-mA analogue signal output
  • Hermetically sealed SS 316L enclosure
  • No moving parts
  • Resistant towards shock and vibration up to 4 G
  • Continuous self-testing in the context of the IEC/EN 61508 standard
  • Developed and manufactured according to the SIL guidelines, SIL 2 certified by TÜV
  • Ex approvals for worldwide application: ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA
  • Dust approval for zone 21 and 22
  • Typical lifetime greater than 15 years