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Draeger Polytron 7000

Drager Polytron 7500 fixed gas detector can successfully monitor continuously NF3 and PFCs (perfluoro compounds) such as C4F6 and C5F8. The Polytron 7500 uses the Polytron Pyrolyzer new modular from the Drager Safety range and additional modules can be added to improve functionality of digital communications, alarm relays or diagnostic functions.

Featuring the latest sensor technology, this fixed gas detector comes with many settings, is capable of many functions and in it’s different variations can detect the following gases:

  • Nitrogen trifluoride NF3
  • Octafluorocyclopentene C5F8
  • Hexafluorobutadiene C4F6


  • Easy installation – The Drager Polytron 7500 comes with a docking station that can be preinstalled and protect the gas detector from dust and rain until commissioning: saving time and money. During commissioning the Polytron 7500 electronics is fixed by a quicklock mechanism into the docking station. Once the sensor is added the system is ready for operation
  • Reliability – With numerous mounting options and an unrivaled RFI resistance the Drager Polytron 7500 is suitable for a wide range of applications. The DragerSensors provide reliable measurement with a quick response time
  • Easy to operate – Large graphics and icons, plain text, 3 key functionality and password protection makes this fixed gas detector simple to use
  • Software options – The Drager Polytron 7500 has a numerous software dongles with different functionality that will customize the transmitter to specific application needs: sensor test dongle, sensor diagnostic dongle and data dongle (please see the spec sheet for more information)